Mesh Cat Grooming Bathing Bag

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Taking our cat into a bath could be a pain in the head sometimes knowing that they really don’t want to get wet. Sometimes, we experienced getting a scratch mark on their claws or bites for resisting to get into the shower. One of the best solution of getting your pet into grooming and bathing easily is thru this Mesh Cat Grooming Bathing Bag!  

Mesh Cat Grooming Bathing Bag is a creative pull-string design that can easily control the cat and keep it calm. Effectively prevent the cat to hurt the owner or beauty workers in the process of bathing, grooming etc!

Suitable for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth, feeding, using eye drops, giving medicines and shots, etc. For any pet lover out there, buy now this groom bathing bag!

  • Material: Mesh


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