Handmade Deer Knuckle Transparent Ring

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Most of us wear rings that are made of silver or gold and how much the cost of it but it isn’t just about the price or what is it made of, it is more of having it because it has given you a great sentimental value and how it gives meaning to your life especially when someone gave it you. Just like this very well crafted resin ring with a refine deer in a peaceful forest. It may come in a simple material yet gives an endearing design. If you are to give or receive it as a gift, you or that someone will keep it and take care of it for a lifetime sake!

  • Material: Resin
  • Surface Width: 14mm
  • Gender: Unisex
 5 15.6mm0.61″
 6 16.4mm0.65
 7 17.3mm0.68
 8 18.1mm0.71
 9 18.9mm0.74
 10 19.7mm0.78
 11 20.6mm0.81
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