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Though most of you would tell it’s a bit silly idea to carry a dog in a backpack, believe me, it’s not! French bulldog breed is not capable to sustain long walks when you go for shopping and walking in hot weather. Their brachycephalic skulls simply limit them from enjoying hiking and walking long distances.

A French bulldog backpack carrier presents the solution in case your pooch experiences fear from being left alone. It’s suitable for both puppies and older dogs that started to lose the sense of vision or suffer from arthritis and painful joints. It’s also suitable for injured pooches that can not temporarily walk.

Whether you are traveling or want to save your furry gremlin from over exhausting, our Animal Hug Backpack presents the right fit for such a situation! It’s available in 2 colors and has an adjustable opening and wide shoulder strap with reflective stripe. The backpack is made from breathable mesh so you can be sure that your pooch will not feel hot in summer months.


  • Ventilated cooling side panels
  • Adjustable dual side pockets
  • Sternum strap avalanche whistle clip
  • Moisture-wicking, ventilated shoulder straps


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