A Pair of Cat Earrings


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Pretty girls like deserve to have this alluring long tailed yellow eyes cat. Too cute not to wear it! Show all the charm and display your cat adoration as you go out!

Grab a pair of Cat Earrings and your luck will be rolling high: you’ll always have a winning hand with these lucky black cats on your side! These earrings are made to be worn two ways due to the unique two pieces design that allows for the head and body to separate.

This handmade, delicate design uses the finest polymer clay materials for a lightweight and comfortable wear.
A beautiful gift with love, for your partner, dear sister or best friend – for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s day, birthday or name day, and also for Christmas of course. Delivered to wrapped with love!

  • Material: 100% Handmade Polymer Clay
  • Head with paws diameter: 0.4″
  • Body diameter: 0.6″
  • Tail with hooks: 0.67″